Professional Speech Services Inc.
Communication is the essence of the human spirit!!!

Our Staff of Speech-Language Pathologists hold their Ohio License and are Members of the American Speech Language Hearing Association. The staff is versed on writing IEP plans for school districts, as well as medical diagnostic and treatment plans.



Patients Served...


Your child may benefit from speech/language services if you feel your child has troubles in the following areas...

Being understood by others

Eating (chewing/swallowing)

Expanding vocabulary/speaking in sentences

Eye contact and other social interactive behaviors

Making correct sounds for his/her age

Stuttering (word or sound repetitions)

Pediatric Diagnosis We Treat:

Articulation Disorders


Deafness/Hearing Impairment

Feeding/Swallowing Disorders

Fluency Disorders

Head Injury

Interaction/Pragmatic Disorders

Language Delays

Learning Disabilities

Myofunctional Swallowing (Tongue thrust)

Neuromuscular Disorders

Tracheostomies Voice Disorders


Adult Diagnosis We Treat:

Aural Rehabilitation

Dysphagia (Swallow) Treatment, including Vital Stimulation

Fluency Treatment

Head Injury

Neurological Disorders

Stroke Rehabilitation

Treatment for Laryngectomy

Treatment for Tracheostomy

Voice Treatment

In addition, we treat patients/clients for speech and/or swallowing problems with the following diagnoses not mentioned above:


Brain tumors

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

Multiple Sclerosis

Myasthenia gravis


Spasmodic dysphonia

Subarachnoid hemorrhage

Subdural Hematoma

Vocal Cord Paralysis